26 November 2009

I am Grateful for...

Counting my blessings helps me release the pressure that's building up inside. While watching random thanksgiving videos in Youtube, I was inspired to randomly list down all the things I am grateful for.

... my family for catching me everytime I fall.
... my friends for liking me no matter how unlikeable I can be.
... my boyfriend for understanding every fiber of me.
... my grandpa for being my biggest inspiration in life.
... my parents for passing on their genes.
... my dad for the meaningful memories.
... my mom for doing everything to raise me.
... my brother and sister for being unique beings I can always relate to.
... my cousins for being the coolest people in the world.
... my teachers for helping mold my character.

... a job that helps pay the bills.
... a warm bed that lets me sleep soundly every night.
... a wardrobe that keeps me comfortable (clothed).
... a home that keeps me cozy.

... music that soothes my mind or make me dance.
... blue skies that remind me how lovely the world is.
... sunsets and sunrises that inspire me to paint a limitless palette of colors.
... food that always satisfies, gives comfort or celebrates with you.
... yarns that I can transform into any figure from my imagination.
... papers that I can write on or draw on.
... blogs where I express myself and learn others' stories.
... happy thoughts that make me feel high.
... infinite ideas that keep my brain ticking.
... the internet for letting me share myself with the world.
... huge rocks that make me stronger after I trip.
... road blocks that challenge me and make me wiser.

... my senses for letting me experience all the wonderful things.
... pride for reminding me how lucky I am.
... humility for not feeling too proud.

... a billion other things.


  1. this is a nice list of the things we should be thankful for. if you were in wordpress, you can make a video out of it and join their video thanksgiving contest.

    it's nice to know that there are things we can be thankful for in this world despite the recent horrors that plague our country.

  2. hugs from my end dear.. :) happy thanks giving.

  3. Beautiful poetic post. It gives lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing

  4. I am late I know.., but I like your post...I try to thank every day for what I have in my life.....
    I have been pretty busy in the last months, but I will try to be back to normal now..and I will try to post more in my blogs! Thank you for the award you gave me..sorry I never wrote you before!!!

  5. yeah,,,
    it's always good to recognize the things we are grateful about than complain on small things we don't have or we can't get...

    nice post!

  6. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you find this post inspiring. :)

  7. Hi Kim

    This is the best gift you could ever give yourself! Being in a state of gratitude raises our vibration in so many ways!

    We feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. It is such a beautiful way to live with gratitude and I loved reading your list!

    The best part about acts of gratitude is that they are contagious and make others feel better too - so thank you :)

  8. warm bed? literal na warm? hahaha...

  9. @Evita: I'm glad gratefulness is contagious. Thanks! ;)

    @Boy: Ikaw jud :)

  10. What a wonderful list full of gratitude. I need to start doing his more often instead of thinking about what is wrong.

    Great post xx

  11. @amy: Yes you should. It give the spirit that different kind of lift. ;)

  12. I've been reading your archives and realized I missed lots of your stories.

    Just want you to know that, I am grateful for having you as a friend at work, at the blogosphere (you're one of the reasons why I got back to blogging) and for just being a good listener even if I talk lots of nonsense. Thanks really! I appreciate the friendship. :)

  13. @Joemill: I'm glad a did a few good things for you. Thanks too for the friendship and all! :)