24 November 2009

The Ground is Wet

It's been raining for days now and I'm not sure I remember the last time I saw bright blue skies. Weekends aren't free and I'm stuck with several things at work that need to be done. My online friends might think I've gone somewhere out of the planet. I know I owe them big time. It's been a really long time since I was in the mood to just read other blogs or at least visit. A lot of reading and thinking at work is so saturating that the last thing I want to see when I get home is a page with text. It's a couple of hours before midnight and tomorrow's another busy day at work. The weather is not helping either. We've been planning to go to the beach this weekend but some storm is coming. I just need a break.


  1. yea.. you owe us an explanation. :P.. i know what you mean. things have been pretty shuffely for me too. it gets hard some times. hope your personal thingies have been laid to rest. and do post pics of the beach. and the rain if you can. :P

  2. I really like the photo here. The depth and color is just fierce :)

  3. @Nitin: I think the wind is blowing in the right direction this time. I'll post the photos as soon as I'm ready. ;)

    @Eric: Thanks.