16 November 2009

catching up

I felt so great last weekend for cleaning up my room and sorting out my books. But a week before that I felt like an unfinished apple and wasn't drinking my tea.
I'm just grateful for friends. They always make me feel special even if I don't always get to see them. They know me even if they don't get to read my blog.

This is one of those days when I miss my cyber life because I've been catching up on the real one. Being in the real one feels so much better though.


  1. I agree, friends are so important... but because they are FRIENDS they should ALL read our blogs daily, in a kind of faithful relationship!

    Big hugs

  2. @Lorenza: I wish they could. Time is not a privilege to some. But I know they are faithful. They've been around long before I've started writing. :)

  3. i know what you mean.. i have been trying to find a way of keeping em both in my reach right now.. was planning to get a blackberry or a netbook.. im having a tough time deciding. cause i could be out at a party and still post my updates and stay online on for tweeting ..
    you know what would be the best thing for me? if i could have it all.. i mean all my friends here online.. my offline buddies.. all together within your hearts reach. that would be awsome... :D..

  4. It's so easy for time to just slip through my fingers... I have to make a real effort to make sure Mr B and I see all our friends regularly! Somehow evenings and weekends are just far too short.


  5. @Saskia: It's always good to spend time with friends. They always always make me feel good. :)

  6. Good friends are often rare but always invaluable. Even if they don't read our blogs on a daily basis they are still with us. I like the contrast in your picture, a white background opposed to a black, and a shiny teapot opposed to a half-eaten apple.

  7. Am here catching up with my cyber friends for being away for the longest time. :)