29 April 2009

A Taste of Silicon Valley

My cousin brought me to The Tech museum in San Jose. We watched an IMAX movie about sea monsters (dinosaurs) for free! A kid cried in the middle of the film when the rocks began crumbling and felt like they're falling right to your face. It was pretty intense for an animation.

The coolest part was this thermal camera they set up on the ceiling. That's me with the glasses.

It was nice to see all those science stuff where children can start their journey in the technology world. For now, I cannot be in Silicon Valley as often as I want to. But since I use the internet and I work in the technology field, I'm sure I'm helping keep the silicon business alive!


  1. We were just talking about this I think a few days ago in the office. Good for you you've got the chance to travel USA! Wow.

  2. Nice!

    Want to go there to see the big players in the business! and next destination? NASA! ;)

  3. @Bryan: I guess I was lucky ;)

    @Joemill: Yeah, and we'll fly to the moon! :D

  4. Awesome thermal picture! I haven't been to the Tech museum in awhile.

  5. I used the ticket to retrieve my photos from The Tech website. I wish I could've have spent much more time though.

  6. Brilliant post. I think there is a gap in the market for this type of equipment, but this company are really filling the brief.